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Smile Gallery

Before & After Pictures

indiana_befaf1.jpg indiana_befaf2.jpg

indiana_befaf3.jpg indiana_befaf4.jpg

Before & After Pictures - IMPLANTS



Before & After Pictures - INVISALIGN

invisalign_befaf1.png invisalign_befaf2.png

invisalign_befaf1.png invisalign_befaf2.png

invisalign_befaf1.png invisalign_befaf2.png

Before & After Pictures - LUMINEERS

lumineer_img1.jpg lumineer_img2.jpg

lumineer_img3.jpg lumineer_img4.jpg

lumineer_img5.jpg lumineer_img6.jpg

lumineer_img7.jpg lumineer_img8.jpg

lumineer_img9.jpg lumineer_img10.jpg

lumineer_img11.jpg lumineer_img12.jpg

lumineer_img13.jpg lumineer_img14.jpg

lumineer_img15.jpg lumineer_img16.jpg



Before & After Pictures - INVISALIGN

Invisalign_1.jpg Invisalign_2.jpg

Invisalign_3.jpg Invisalign_4.jpg


Invisalign_7.jpg Invisalign_8.jpg

Invisalign_9.jpg Invisalign_10.jpg

Before & After Pictures - Close Space with Bonded Composite

space_closed_a_1.jpg space_closed_a_2.jpg
Before & After Pictures - Snap On Smile

Before & After Pictures - Porcelain Crown

Before & After Pictures - Teeth Cleaning


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