Summer is here …it’s bright, warm and a great time of year! 

Not only a good time to be outdoors, go to the beach, have pool parties and cookouts, but it’s also a perfect time of the year to start orthodontic treatment. With the kids out of school and many parents on vacation, appointments can be much easier to schedule. But there are more good reasons to start treatment in the summer too. 

No missing school time: The first orthodontic appointments are usually the longest (as well as when treatment ends). The initial consult is an hour. (This is your first visit to our office when we do a full evaluation and present your individual treatment plan.) If braces are recommended the banding appointment (placement of the braces) is about 1 ½ - 2 hours. If you start in the summer there are no worries about missing school.

Time to get used to the braces: The first few days of treatment may bring some discomfort as your teeth begin to move and shift. This discomfort usually lasts a few days and then subsides. Most people are fine to return to work and school immediately. However, those who are more susceptible to pain may like a few days to just stay home and adjust.  

Time to develop new habits: Beginning orthodontic treatment will require some changes in home care and eating. You need to brush more frequently (about 3-4 times a day with braces) and avoid some foods (hard and sticky) when braces or appliances are worn because they can cause damage. Starting treatment in the summer gives kids time to make these adjustments and form good habits more easily than when they are busy with school and activities.

Summer calls for Ice Creams and Smoothies: A cold treat is really soothing after braces go on so here’s your perfect excuse to indulge! 

To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions regarding braces or any other dental treatment, please reach out to us at 609-275-1777

Appointments can also be scheduled at
Rane’s Exclusively Yours Dental (Main Office)
Plainsboro Shopping Center (Besides Romeo’s Restaurant)
10 Schalks Crossing Rd., Plainsboro, NJ 08536
(609) 275 1777

Rane’s Dental Aesthetics (Orthodontics and Periodontics)
New Plainsboro Village Center (Besides Lakeland Bank)
11 Schalks Crossing Road, Plainsboro, NJ 08536
(609) 750 1666

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