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Cosmetic Dentistry


Modern dental care has advanced so much that you can have a beautiful smile easier than ever before. Our dentists can perform procedures such as teeth whitening (Lumibrite in office and take home), traditional veneers and Lumineers, natural tooth colored fillings, and dental implants in order to give you the smile you have always dreamed of! 

If you are interested in a complete smile makeover or just replacing old/ugly silver fillings or making your teeth whiter call our office today for a consult. There are many options for all different budgets and we guarantee that your smile will improve!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Before Smile Makeover

Cosmetic Dentistry

After Smile Makeover


Cosmetic Dentistry
Same patient up close before

Cosmetic Dentistry
Same patient after 6 Lumineers

Cosmetic Dentistry
Patient with spaces in upper teeth and a gummy smile

Cosmetic Dentistry
After gum recontouring and 8 Lumineers to close spaces and reduce gummy smile

Cosmetic Dentistry
Same patient as above with spaces between upper teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry
Same patient with gum recontouring and 8 Lumineers to close spaces

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